As Sweet As Jasmine


L E V I + B R I

Sweetest couple with happiest summery blooms for a winter wedding

Levi contacted me to create the florals for their wedding only a few weeks prior to their special day, knowing that his future wife would love bright and happy colours, we went with lush summery blooms in all shades of pinks, yellows, purples and orange pops

The morning of the wedding, ASAJ were up before the sun for a lovely early start for bouquet delivery. Meeting Bri for the first time in her family home was such a wonderful experience. I was lucky enough to see her stunning wedding dress ready to go
My favourite part of any wedding is delivering the bridal bouquet (and comb in this case) 

With the sun rising, I was on my way to deliver the reception flowers at one of Newcastle's most stunning venues, Stanley Park. Seriously check it out!

After adding the final touches, we were able to enjoy the view by the water.
What a special wedding to be included in! 
You know you have wonderful couples when they reach out to you the night of their wedding to thank you! 

Congratulations to such a lovely couple!

Photographer: Little Black Bow Photography
Location: Stanley Park
Cake: Cupcake Espresso

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